Trapezoidal sheeting is a favorable material for your roof

Trapezoidal sheeting is suitable as roofing material for flat roofs and low roof pitches. Offered are different sheet thicknesses, shapes and colors. It is easy to lay, offers a long life and easy care. Due to its processing, this material is very stable.

What is a trapezoidal sheet?

Trapezoidal sheets are profile sheets that are folded in cross-section. They have, in contrast to corrugated sheets, curved lines. They are mainly used for industrial and commercial buildings, walls, ceilings and roofs.

The depressions are referred to as beads, the high places are the webs. Trapezoidal sheets for the roof are mainly made of steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 to 0.8 mm. Also
use is also aluminum sheet in the same strength. In rare cases stainless steel is used.

Different materials and thicknesses

A wide variety of colors and thicknesses are available for the coating. Some steel sheets are given an aluminum-zinc coating, aluminum is delivered blank, coated or stucco-patterned.

When installing a trapezoidal sheet metal on the roof, ensure that the substructure is stable. Unevenness must be compensated and appropriate lath spacing must be maintained.
The sheet metal has proven itself as a roof for garden sheds and carports. The numerous colors available make for a modern appearance.

In order to order the required quantity when buying, many manufacturers offer roof surface calculators. These calculate the exact amount and take into account the overlap.

Trapezoidal sheets for the roof

  • are lightweight
  • can be laid quickly
  • are inexpensive
  • are attached by welding or soldering
  • are corrosion resistant.

Trapezoidal sheets for the roof have a few disadvantages in addition to their advantages. They offer little sound insulation, are susceptible to vibration and offer lower fire protection.

The number of suppliers and prices is diverse

3.-Wahl-sheets are often found in the offer, here you will find already from 2, - € per square meter. Depending on the strength and profile size, the prices for 1st choice between just under 6, - and 13, - €.

  • always has special items on offer.
  • additionally helps with a practical roof surface calculator.
  • has favorable special items for the roof.
Tips & TricksTrapezblechblech is used as a material for roof and wall. When installing photovoltaic systems, a smaller slat distance should be selected if the sheet thickness is appropriate.
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