LED instead of halogen?

Halogen lamps enjoy a rather dubious reputation and are not necessarily the most modern lighting technology. Whether it is worthwhile to replace halogen lights, and what to look for when replacing, read in this post.

Functioning of halogen lamps

Halogen lamps are technically very similar to the old-fashioned light bulb. The only difference is that their interior is filled with a noble gas - hence the name comes from. Noble gases are, for example, iodine, argon, krypton or xenon. Depending on the lamp type, the filling is different. Halogen In addition, halogen lights contain a small quartz bulb, which makes it possible to heat the filament (tungsten wire) higher than with a conventional light bulb. Edel The inert gas filling ensures that the wire can be heated even higher, and thus more glows. The higher temperature of the wire is provided by the small quartz base inside the halogen lamp.

High-voltage and low-voltage halogen lamps

Low-voltage halogen lamps with an operating voltage of less than 230 V are usually used. So-called high-voltage halogen lamps with voltages of 230 V must be more elaborate (small glass bulb in the glass bulb, special fillings) and are rather rare to find.

Advantages of halogen lamps

Halogen lamps require less energy than a conventional light bulb, but only slightly. The savings effect is only about 30% compared to conventional bulbs.

The light of a halogen lamp is neutral and therefore harmonises better with colors, many people find the lighting with halogen bulbs to be more pleasant.

  • Due to the lower wear and the changed technology compared to conventional bulbs, the life span is longer, it is about three times that of a light bulb.
  • Prohibition of halogen lamps
  • After the ban has been postponed several times, halogen lamps are now to be finally banned from September 2018. The reason for the ban, as with light bulbs, is the high energy consumption compared to modern light bulbs (energy-saving lamps and LED lights).

The ban applies initially to trade, halogen lamps may of course be used even further. You will not get it after September 2018 then only in the trade.

Halogen vs. LED

LEDs are currently the most modern and efficient form of lighting. In many aspects, the LED of the halogen light is therefore superior. The following table shows this very clearly:


LED light

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Halogen lightPower consumptionVery low
About four times as high as for LEDLifeAverage 10,000 hours
Average of 3,000 hoursLight colorCold white is often perceived as unpleasant, Warm white is available
warm and especially suitable for living areas, but not all luminairesConstructioncompact
compactTips & TricksBecause in the next few years you will have to replace your halogen lights in any case, test different light colors beforehand. Halogen light is natural and usually very pleasant, with LED lights you have to find the right light color for you. According to color temperatures (given in K) - the higher the value, the colder the light.