How is an old prefabricated house demolished?

Every house, whether prefabricated or solid construction, has a limited lifespan. If a renovation no longer makes sense, it is usually the demolition. We explain how it works in the prefabricated house and whether you can dismantle a prefabricated building and rebuild elsewhere.

The demolition - quick and easy

In most cases, the demolition takes place to make room for new things. Therefore, the demolition should remain a minor matter and only slightly burden your wallet. Therefore, compare the prices of demolition companies; the differences can be big.

Can you "break down" and "build up" again?

If you are concerned with building a prefabricated house and know that it is "screwed together" of prefabricated parts, the question probably arises: "Can not you just screw it up and reconstruct it somewhere else?" The performance is beautiful and also practically practical, but unfortunately not feasible.

Since we are not dealing with a "Lego" model and all the components, including all the cables and connections to the infrastructure are extremely tightly bolted together and welded, it is simply not possible.

Think of it this way: if it were possible, the long-term quality and solidity of the house would suffer and the modern prefab house would no longer live up to its reputation.

Tips & TricksDo not carry out renovations if they are no longer effective. If the house is a "hopeless" case, tear it down; The bottom line is that you really save money.
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