How high should a loft bed be?

When you buy a bunk bed, the height of the bed should be well planned, depending on the height of your blanket. How much distance should there be between the blanket and the bed so that you do not bump at night? Learn more here.

What is the minimum height of a loft bed?

Highbeds are those beds whose lying surface is more than one meter from the floor. There are different types of loft beds, each of which varies in height:

  • Children's loft beds: 1m - 1.50m
  • Adult loft beds: from 1.50m
  • Bunk beds (two beds one above the other): about 1.50m

How much distance should be between ceiling and lying surface?

The loft bed should be so high that you can easily sit upright. Therefore, a distance of at least 80 to 100cm between mattress and blanket is recommended. Add the height of the mattress and the thickness of the beams to the bed and you can measure where your loft bed should reach from the ceiling.

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