How can you make a skylight cat-proof?

Skylights are a very pleasant thing - but for the Stubentiger and his urge to research they can be very dangerous. What you can do with some window types to save the cat from climbing out or falling out, read in this post.

Protective net under the skylight

For this type of protection one can use any commercial cat protection net. The mesh size should be less than 4 cm. When buying one should pay attention to a correspondingly stable mounting option.

The cat might try to climb the net and tear it down. The attachment by means of telescopic poles or so-called power terminals should therefore be used with care.

Cat protection nets are already available from 5 EUR to 10 EUR, mostly including fixing materials:

  • Dowels
  • Screws
  • Retaining elements

Special protection for hinged and swinging windows

Roof windows are today generally either hinged or swing-hinged. Window executed. Also for such windows there are special backups.

These fuses are definitely useful if there is a windowsill near the skylight on which the cat can sit and look out. This is also possible with a suitable special net for folding and swinging windows, but the cat can not fall out through the net.

Protective grille for folding and tilting windows

Similar to tilted windows, there is also a bottom and side protection as a protective grille. However, this means that the window can only be opened up to the width of the protective grille. This is a disadvantage in many cases.

Protective nets for swing windows and hinged windows

You can attach a protective net to the window handle of a swing window, and at the same time to the lower frame. Dangerous here is that the side area remains unprotected when the roof window is open. The cat could then slip on the net climbing and then on the net outside.

Special, ready-made solutions for swing windows are not available on the market today.

You should also consider protection for tilted ordinary windows. When trying to climb out through a tilted window, cats can often contract serious injuries. The protection for these windows is easier, because there the opening angle of the window is fixed via the window mechanism. So you can easily use a simple protective grid.

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