How can you design a terraced garden?

Terraced houses are usually designed to give many people space in as little space as possible; The garden often gets into the background. In this article you will learn how you can make your terraced garden beautiful despite little space.

The garden - in front of or behind the house?

Decorating a backyard is nice too, but it often does not look as good as in the front yard. If it is big enough, the backyard can even be practical: Growing crops such as herbs or vegetables is not only fun, it also brings you fresh ingredients for the kitchen in the end. Depending on which plants you prefer, a greenhouse can be a wise purchase.

Reduce the effort with clever design

Many people believe that the more effort you invest in the front or back garden of the terraced house, the better it will look. That's not always true. Through a clever design, it is possible to combine good looks with little work. For example, you should not occupy the entire garden with flowers, but skilfully complement them with lawns. Many people also set up a patio in the garden, which hardly needs any care, looks neat and offers a wide range of possibilities for use, for example for barbecues in summer.

How important is the garden to you?

As you can see, a garden can noticeably enhance the quality of life in the terraced house, as it not only enhances the look, but also the use. Nevertheless, you should set priorities in the choice of your terraced house: For most interested parties, the location, size, neighborhood and of course the price of the decisive arguments for or against a house. In case of doubt, if the garden is of no particular importance to you, you should decide in favor of a house with these qualities, even if the garden is rather secondary there.

Tips & TricksIn the internet you will find many suggestions for the design of your garden. There you will also find numerous terraced houses with gardens to get an idea of ​​the spatial design of the garden at the row house.
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