A gas cylinder has almost unlimited durability

The durability of a gas cylinder is tested in Germany every ten years. In general, an old gas cylinder is still usable when this period has expired. In the exchange system, attention should be paid to the stamped or stamped date of the most recent TÜV inspection.

Become active in case of doubt

The technical structure of a gas cylinder is simple. As long as the fitting is tight and undamaged, a decades-old gas cylinder can be used. But if, for example, a heavily rusted copy is "found", security should always be the top priority. In case of doubt, a check or exchange at the gas station or in the hardware store is recommended.

A gas cylinder has expired if the TÜV test date is more than ten years ago. TÜV considers this period to be an adequate and sufficient test interval. Even after this period, a gas bottle can be returned. Dealers and manufacturers must either have the gas cylinder "renewed" or disposed of by the TÜV.

Obtain opinion before transport

If an old "expired" gas cylinder still contains residual gas and the valves are fully functional, they should be emptied before transport. It is not mandatory to transport only emptied gas cylinders, but the risk of damage is naturally lower.

If a gas cylinder leaves a questionable impression, the detailed photographing and subsequent inquiries at a gas station or a gas trader can help in the assessment. An even more specific opinion can be obtained if the bottle fitting is filmed with sound during operation. Disturbing background noise should be prevented.

Types of bottle and service life

The durability or test intervals of individual types of gas cylinder differ:

  • Camping and technical gases are tested for ten years each
  • Breathing air for the medical sector is tested for five years
  • Diving bottles must be checked every two and a half years

Both at purchase - as well as for rental bottles, the next test time should fit the estimated consumption. If a gas cylinder is used for several years, the next test date should be correspondingly far in the future.

Tips & TricksBuy or rent only gas cylinders that are about two years longer than the intended service life. If a dealer refuses, look for another provider.
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