A concrete canopy does not have to be boring

Awnings protect against wind and weather. Concrete is a material that is mainly used in modern construction. Although many consider it rather gray and boring, it offers some advantages especially for canopies.

Modern construction with concrete

In the present time, construction projects often have to be completed quickly. Concrete is a material that saves a lot of time. The concrete parts are already prefabricated in the production halls of the manufacturer and then delivered to the desired date and mounted on the site.

This makes mass production possible, which also has a positive effect on the costs. Formwork smooth concrete offers high quality, plastering work is not required. One of the drawbacks is concrete canopies, as moss and other debris settle over time.

Quality in every form

Most suppliers place a high value on high-quality parts, concrete also contains natural components such as water, gravel, sand and cement.

The positive properties of concrete

  • plastically malleable
  • allows for individual design
  • long service life
  • waterproof
  • frost-resistant
  • non-flammable

The prices and sizes of the manufacturers

A small flow canopy in the size 15 x 18 cm is already available from 65, - Euro , In the size 80 x 90 cm is expected to 900, - €. Who wants to provide the concrete canopy with a Überub, it must pay at least 1100, - Euro, sometimes you pay for it, depending on the size, up to 3000, - Euro.

  • betonzaune.at is a supplier of continuous canopies in small dimensions.
  • fink-wintergarten.de offers a projecting roof for the concrete part.
  • tuershop24.de also has overspills for the concrete canopy.
Tips & TricksConcrete canopies weather over time, moss and other debris leave their mark. If you want to beautify your canopy, you can do so with a plastic overhang canopy.
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