A chimney renovation is due: what costs are incurred?

Chimney rehabilitation is often necessary when a new heating system comes into the house. In many cases, the chimney cross-section is too large for the low-temperature exhaust gases of the new plant. Also, new chimney materials are more resistant to the acids contained in the exhaust gas.

What you should know about the costs of a chimney renovation

To prevent a chimney screeding and the decomposition of the chimney material, you should carry out a chimney rehabilitation with the installation of the new heating system. In most cases, the expert introduces a new exhaust pipe in the chimney for this purpose.

This new exhaust pipe can be made of stainless steel, ceramic or plastic, whereby the stainless steel version is usually the cheapest: In this area, there are complete systems already from about 400 EUR (without mounting!) To buy. Rarely, aluminum systems are offered on the market.

A ceramic cable can withstand very high temperatures and is suitable for almost all heating systems. The person skilled in the art uses them especially for the plants working with wood and coal, for example for pellet heating.

The plastic pipe is particularly light and flexible, and can easily be inserted into chimneys that are not straight. However, it tolerates only temperatures up to about 150 degrees and is therefore suitable only for modern gas and oil burners.

Even with flexible steel pipes, chimney offsets can be mastered in chimney renovation. If the introduction is still not possible, it only helps to prune the appropriate place.

These factors determined the costs of the chimney renovation

  • height of the chimney
  • material of the new flue pipe
  • cross-section of the new flue pipe
  • wall thickness and possibly multi-shell of the new flue pipe
  • possibly occurring caulking
  • accessibility of the chimney from the roof
  • number of flue pipe connections
  • regional price fluctuations for craftsmen's wages

Example project: Costs for a chimney renovation with stainless steel pipes

A homeowner receives a new condensing boiler and also plans a chimney rehabilitation on the same train. The chimney is 8 meters high. The stainless steel tube used has a thickness of 1 mm and a diameter of 130 mm.

Price overviewPrice
1. Single-walled stainless steel chimney1,150 EUR
2. Installation on a working day700 EUR
Total1,850 EUR

Reduce the cost of the chimney rehabilitation by own labor

Meanwhile, there are more and more refurbishment systems to buy, which are well installed by a layman These are flexible plastic and steel pipes. Beim When purchasing your refurbishment kit, ask if you need a specialist to install - and if not, which tools to purchase. In general, the assistance of a second person is required.

Tips & TricksA modern condensing boiler with low exhaust gas temperatures offers maximum freedom in chimney rehabilitation. Here it is also possible to lay the exhaust pipe to the outside or to build the system under the roof to use the shortest route to the chimney.

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