Glueing in a ceramic tile

Ceran fields have been market leaders in Germany since the 1990s at the latest. With the enormous spread, of course, also increases the number of defective glass ceramic plates. In addition to the question of whether the insurance may be able to pay for the damage, some do-it-yourselfers try the gluing of the ceramic hob. However, we strongly advise against it. Below we explain why you should not stick your ceramic hob and continue to use.

Glass ceramic and ceramic

You should never stick a ceramic field that has cracked or cracked. It will not hold, but make cooking life-threatening. Instead, it might be a good idea for you to expand the ceramic field and retrofit an induction hob.

Under certain circumstances, you also have insurance for your ceramic hob, so you can at least recover part of the damage back from the insurance company.

In the case of gas ceramic hobs, there is at least the option of continuing to use the cooking hob for certain reasons when it is gas on glass and only a very small corner has sprung out. Then you can paste this small part again. However, the carrying capacity must not be affected.

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