A bamboo rug is very easy to clean

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the bamboo rug is the relatively simple and rarely required cleaning. The material bamboo is insensitive to most normal household influences. Even moisture and moisture hardly cause visual impairment, as the natural color gradients "swallow" the stains.

Insensitive and suitable for sucking and sweeping

A bamboo rug consists of sliced ​​and peeled reed lanes, which are held together by strong yarn. In addition to "bare" designs, there are brands in which a plastic or rubber layer is applied to the underside. As long as the bamboo is not watered sustainably and for a long time, it is insensitive to moisture.

Cleaning a bamboo rug can be done in much the same way as cleaning non-sensitive floor coverings. The loose daily dirt such as dust, sand and stones is sucked off. With normal pollution, a weekly suction is sufficient. In acute dirt particles such as pebbles, the bamboo can also be swept off with a soft broom. When sucking a not too high suction force should be selected, which would suck the bamboo carpet and pull along.

The only weak point are the gaps

If spots on the bamboo carpet have formed due to moisture, grease or other liquids, the wet wiping of the slats is no problem. It should always be wiped in the longitudinal direction of the tube paths in order not to expose the holding yarn unnecessary burden. In general, the immediate dry wiping of impacted liquids is recommended to minimize possible discoloration.

Special cleaning and care products are not required for bamboo rugs. Theoretically, there is a type of contamination that may require an increased amount of cleaning. Depending on the strength of the bamboo tube used, dirt residues may accumulate in the spaces between the individual sheets. If these can not be eliminated with conventional cleaning methods, steam blasting is not an issue. Also, a high-pressure cleaner can be used, wherein the spray nozzle should be kept at some distance, so as not to bring the holding yarn to tearing.

Tips & TricksIf, for reasons of hygiene, you want to achieve the highest possible sterility on your bamboo carpet, it is recommended to dampen the brushes with detergent or dissolved neutral soap. You should refrain from tapping the carpet as this may damage the bamboo tube connections.
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